Photo Gallery: since 9 Nov 2001

Academic Year :
2021/12/22 Dress Casual Day
2021/12/22 Music Contest Day 2
2021/12/21 Music Contest Day 1
2021/12/14 Basic Law Typing Competition
2021/12/8 Talk on FinTech
2021/12/11 The Outstanding Student Election of Tuen Mun District 2021 Awards Ceremony
2021/12/1 Taster Day from STFA Wu Siu Kui Memorial Primary School
2021/11/26 Anti-Drug Musical
2021/11/25 Talk on HK Shark Foundation
2021/11/24 Blood Donation Day
2021/11/20 F.1 Information Series Cum Subject Workshops
2021/11/20 Storyboard Telling Competition
2021/11/16 Leaf Vein Bookmark Making Workshop
2021/11/12 Strawberry DNA Extraction Workshop
2021/11/12 Talk on Inclusive Education
2021/11/4 International Genetically Engineering Machine Competition
2021/10/30 The Outstanding Student Election of New Territories 2021 Awards Ceremony
2021/10/22 F.6 Goal Setting
2021/10/22 English Fun Day
2021/10/22 Talk on Environmental Protection
2021/10/16 Annual Speech Day cum Prize Presentation Ceremony
2021/10/15 Handmade Soap Making Workshop
2021/10/8 Inauguration Ceremony
2021/10/3 F.5 & F.6 Mentorship Scheme
2021/10/3 Parents' Day
2021/9/30 Students' Council Election Day
2021/9/29 National Day Morning Assembly Sharing
2021/9/27 Hong Kong Construction Industry's celebration to mark 72nd National Day (Pipa Ensemble Performance)
2021/9/27 National Day Online Quiz Competition
2021/9/25 F.1 Life Camp
2021/9/24 Students' Council Election Consultation Forum
2021/9/21 Student Environmental Protection Ambassador Scheme, Happy Green Campaign & SDG Ambassadorship
2021/9/19 The 18th Basic Law Ambassador Training Scheme
2021/9/17 Weekly Assembly
2021/9/10 Weekly Assembly
2021/9/10 Reading Session
2021/9/3 Six People Dragon Boat Challenge 2021
2021/9/2 Talk by AAC & SDC
2021/9/1 Effective Study Skill Workshop for F.6 students
2021/9/1 Buddy Scheme Activity for F.1 students
2021/9/1 Opening Ceremony
2021/8/25 Learning Skill Workshop
2021/8/21 Orientation for Parents of Newly Admitted F.1 Students


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